Guy Moore, Darmstadt, Tech. U., is visiting us

He is engaged in research situated at the intersection of nuclear physics (Kernphysik) and particle physics (Teilchenphysik).

Niko Jokela, University of Helsinki, is visiting us

"I'm a theoretical physicist working in diverse fields, mostly related to string theory.

Joe Davighi, from CERN, is visiting us

His research interests are Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology and Quantum Field Theory.

Balázs Pozsgay, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, is visiting us

In 2020 I won the ''Momentum'' grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and I started a new research group in the Department of Theoretical

Jan de Boer, University of Amsterdam, is visiting us

Jan de Boer is professor of theoretical physics at the UvA's Institute of Physics.