Oct 25 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Pablo Quílez TBA
Sep 19 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Pablo Antonio Cano Higher-Curvature Gravity, Black Holes and Holography

Higher-curvature theories of gravity are extensions of General Relativity that arise in effective descriptions of quantum gravity theories, such as String Theory.

Sep 9 2019 - De 10:30 hasta 12:00 Jose María Ezquiaga Probing the Dark Universe with Gravitational Waves
Jun 26 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Guillermo Milans del Bosch Holography in out of equilibrium systems and asymptotic symmetries of black holes

This thesis, presented in the form of a "compilation of articles", touches different areas of Theoretical Physics.

Jun 25 2019 - De 12:00 hasta 13:00 Julia Gehrlein Neutrino windows to new physics

We have evidence that the Standard Model is not complete and that a more fundamental underlying theory remains to be unveiled.

Mar 15 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Dagoberto Escobar Type IIA flux vacua with mobile D6-branes and alpha'-corrections

Type IIA flux compactifications have proven to be a rich framework to construct phenomenologically appealing string vacua.

Mar 14 2019 - De 11:00 hasta 12:00 Sebastian Schwieger Aspects of T-branes

We explore the BPS-stability of T-brane configurations of 7-branes on compact 4-cycles in the absence of defects and including them.

Feb 21 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Javier Quilis Sancho Next-to-simplified dark matter models

Dark matter constitutes the 27% of the energy content of the universe. However, the nature of dark matter is still a mystery.

Ene 22 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Iñaki Lara Probing the electroweak sector of the μνSSM at the LHC

In this thesis we discuss the phenomenological aspects of a SUSY model, the so-called called μνSSM, at the LHC.

Ene 14 2019 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Franco D. Albareti Theoretical and observational aspects of the variation of fundamental constants of Nature

The fundamental constants of Nature play a crucial role in our understanding of the Universe.