Agnostic cosmology and multitasking the growth of cosmological structures

May 20, 2021
4:00pm to 5:15pm

Zoom webinar

Specialist level
Louis Perenon
University of the Western Cape

Zoom webinar


The study of cosmic acceleration and understanding its nature is nowadays one of the important branches in the field of cosmology. Searches to perfect our knowledge of gravity have triggered a vast amount of research material as much on the theoretical side as the observational one, now more than even with upcoming large-scale galaxy surveys such as SKA or EUCLID. In this context, I would like to debate notions of model-independence and model-agnosticism and their relevance for testing the standard model of cosmology. I will discuss some of the literature and present our approach to trace departures from the predictions of the standard model of cosmology using the growth of structures. This is based on Gaussian process reconstruction of forecasts data and I will highlight in particular the benefits of the multi-tasking approach.