D-brane instanton Backreaction and a Swampland Conjecture

September 27, 2019
3:00pm to 6:00pm

ICMAT Orange Room

Specialist level
Eduardo Garcia Valdecasas

ICMAT Orange Room


We reinterpret the non-perturbative axion potential in terms of the backreacted geometry, once the instanton is geometrized. The geometry ceases to be CY to be a generalized geometry where the necessary ingredients are naturally found. We then add branes that intersect the instanton to the game. The topology change in the geometry forces them to recombine in a consistent way. From the field theory point of view, this can be seen as a gauge group breaking corresponding to the usual breaking generated by the operator induced by the instanton. We then proceed to study this transition in the general setup of D-branes at singularities and elaborate the required tools in order to implement it in full generality. We study the resulting geometry and several examples that match complex deformations of the geometry, for instance. The resulting field theories are Bipartite Field Theories and we study them. In a second part we propose a Swampland criterion that we name Local AdS-Weak Gravity Conjecture. It implies that locally AdS non-SUSY brackgrounds are not stable in Quantum Gravity.