Effective Field Theory: Limitations and Avenues for New Physics Discovery

January 31, 2022
3:00pm to 4:30pm

Online on Zoom

Theoretical Physics, general interest
Christoph Englert
Glasgow University

Online on Zoom


The null results of searches for beyond the Standard Model physics at the LHC have highlighted the application of Effective Field Theory as a potential avenue to present and communicate consistency or tension of particle physics data with the SM expectation. In this talk, I will highlight phenomenological limitations of such an approach and discuss avenues to improve our understanding of the Higgs and top sectors as potential harbingers of BSM interactions in the future. I will show how machine learning techniques can be employed to enhance the BSM potential at the LHC and discuss prospects for constraining Higgs sector CP-violation. I will also touch on the muon anomalous magnetic moment anomaly, and its potential BSM-correlated implication for the upcoming LHC runs.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/91390797603?pwd=bWdEdUJNYkhZQWZQRFdsTjlSQXk0Zz09