Holographic entanglement as nonlocal magnetism

April 18, 2023
11:30am to 1:00pm

Grey Room 3/Zoom

Specialist level
Guim Planella Planas
Utrech University

Grey Room 3/Zoom



The Ryu-Takayanagi prescription can be cast in terms of a set of microscopic threads that help visualize holographic entanglement in terms of distillation of EPR pairs. While this framework has been exploited for regions with a high degree of symmetry, we take the first steps towards understanding general entangling regions, focusing on AdS4. Inspired by simple constructions achieved for the case of disks and the half-plane, we reformulate bit threads in terms of a magnetic-like field generated by a current flowing through the boundary of the entangling region. The construction is possible for these highly symmetric settings, leading us to a modified Biot-Savart law in curved space that fully characterizes the entanglement structure of the state. For general entangling regions, the prescription breaks down as the corresponding modular Hamiltonians become inherently nonlocal. We develop a formalism for general shape deformations and derive a flow equation that accounts for these effects as a systematic expansion. We solve this equation for a complete set of small deformations and show that the structure of the expansion explicitly codifies the expected nonlocalities. Our findings are consistent with numerical results existing in the literature, and shed light on the fundamental nature of quantum entanglement as a nonlocal phenomenon.

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