Let us talk about particle physics phenomenology

March 2, 2015
3:00pm to 4:30pm

Red Room/ IFT Seminar Room

Specialist level
Grigorios Chachamis

Red Room/ IFT Seminar Room


The talk will cover two topics: (I) high-energy scattering physics and (II) the Loop-Tree Duality method for calculating cross sections.

(I) In the first part of the talk, after a brief discussion on what phenomenology is about, we will give a pedagogical introduction to high-energy QCD physics and a historical overview
of high-energy QCD phenomenology. Next will come a description of our approach to the subject which is using Monte Carlo techniques for LHC phenomenology. (II) In the second part, we will introduce the Loop-Tree duality method for particle physics phenomenology, an approach to calculating cross-sections beyond the tree-level by treating real and virtual radiative corrections on equal footage. We will give a status report of our numerical implementation of the method and few examples of what it is capable to do."