Light composite Higgs from the lattice

October 25, 2017
3:00pm to 4:30pm

Facultad de Ciencias, Sala 201, Módulo M-15

Specialist level
Daniel Nogradi

Facultad de Ciencias, Sala 201, Módulo M-15


Replacing the weakly coupled Higgs sector of the Standard Model by a strongly interac:ng new gauge sector has the poten:al to solve the fine tuning problem. We inves:gate a specific example, SU(3) gauge theory coupled to 2 flavors of massless Dirac fermions in the sextet representa:on and study its low energy proper:es on the laIce. In this model the Higgs is a composite par:cle, analogous to the sigma (or f0) in QCD. The unusual fermion content (sextet representa:on) leads to a surprisingly light composite Higgs as well as a slowly evolving gauge coupling. Our results (and other general considera:ons) make the model a promising candidate for beyond the Standard Model physics and we also discuss detailed predic:ons for the LHC.