New ideas for the formation of primordial black holes

May 19, 2022
3:00pm to 4:15pm

Blue Room

Specialist level
Alex Kusenko
University of California

Blue Room


Several new scenarios for PBH formation have recently been proposed. For example, PBH formation is expected in supersymmetric theories, including Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM), or, alternatively, in models with Yukawa interactions of dark-sector fermions. These fairly generic models give more prominence to the idea that all or part of dark matter can be composed of PBHs. In particular, in the case of supersymmetry, the PBH masses are determined by the supersymmetry breaking scale and the Planck mass, and they naturally fall in the range allowed for dark matter. I will also review astrophysical manifestations of dark matter in the form of sublunar mass PBH and the ongoing search using the Subaru telescope.