New instabilities for non-supersymmetric AdS4 orientifold vacua

October 13, 2022
12:00pm to 1:15pm

Grey Room 1

Specialist level
Matteo Zatti

Grey Room 1


Matteo will present the following paper (

New instabilities for non-supersymmetric AdS4 orientifold vacua, Fernando Marchesano, Joan Quirant, Matteo Zatti.

Abstract: We consider massive type IIA orientifold compactifications of the form AdS4×X6, where X6 admits a Calabi-Yau metric and is threaded by background fluxes. From a 4d viewpoint, fluxes generate a potential whose vacua have been classified, including one N=1 and three perturbatively stable N=0 branches. We reproduce this result from a 10d viewpoint, by solving the type IIA equations at the same level of detail as previously done for the N=1 branch. All solutions exhibit localised sources and parametric scale separation. We then analyse the non-perturbative stability of the N=0 branches. We consider new 4d membranes, obtained from wrapping D8-branes on X6 or D6-branes on its divisors, threaded by non-diluted worldvolume fluxes. Using them we show that all branches are compatible with the Weak Gravity Conjecture for membranes. In fact, most vacua satisfy the sharpened conjecture that predicts superextremal membranes in N=0 settings, except for a subset whose non-perturbative stability remains an open problem.