Parton distributions with lattice QCD: how it works

October 2, 2020
3:00pm to 4:00pm

Webinar of the series "Hadron Structure(s) from First Principles"

Specialist level
Alexey Vladimirov
Regensburg U.

Webinar of the series "Hadron Structure(s) from First Principles"


Exploration of parton distributions with lattice simulations is the rapidly growing field of QCD. Different collaborations use a variety of observables to study the parton dynamics, including quasi- and pseudo- parton distributions, Ioffe-time distributions, current correlators, and others. All these approaches are grounded on the same fundamental principle: QCD factorization theorems. In the talk, I describe how and why QCD factorization theorems can be applied to lattice observables. I highlight strong and weaks sides of various observables. Also, I discuss the possibility to study transverse-momentum motions of partons with lattice methods, which was suggested recently.