Quantum entanglement in high energy physics

March 16, 2022
3:00pm to 4:00pm

UAM-C0. Facultad de Ciencias

Theoretical Physics, general interest
Dmitri Kharzeev
U. Stony Brook

UAM-C0. Facultad de Ciencias


The entanglement, according to Erwin Schroedinger, is "the characteristic
trait of quantum mechanics, the one that enforces its entire departure
from classical lines of thought". At present, quantum entanglement not only
powers new technologies (including quantum computing and quantum communications),
but also allows one to reformulate some of the long-standing physics problems in the
language of quantum information. In this talk, I will argue that
entanglement can provide a new approach to high energy interactions, in
which the traditional parton model emerges as a result of "Haar
scrambling" of the hadron density matrix. The corresponding entanglement entropy is
directly related to the parton structure functions. At large energies,
the hadron state becomes maximally entangled.