Swampland conjectures: a link between particle physics and String Theory

October 7, 2021
2:00pm to 3:30pm


Specialist level
Eduardo Gonzalo Badia



The Swampland program provides a novel point of view towards string phenomenology. In this thesis we find constraints on the SM with massive neutrinos by requiring that the theory is in the string theory landscape. We use the Non Susy AdS Instability, the AdS Distance conjecture and/or an extension of the dS conjecture to conclude that the lightest neutrino should be lighter than the cosmological constant. Moreover, the simplest See-Saw scenarios, with only 3 light Majorana neutrinos, lead to violations of these conjectures. We explore several situations where the logic of naturalness in an effective field theory fails upon trying to promote it to a full theory of quantum gravity in the UV. Finally, we explore several possible ways to extend the ideas of the Weak Gravity Conjecture to scalar fields which could put strong constraints on scalar interactions.