Victor's Coffee

October 16, 2015

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room

Specialist level

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room


* 1st part: Journal club

- "CP Violating Two-Higgs-Doublet Model: Constraints and LHC Predictions", Venus Keus, Stephen F. King, Stefano Moretti, Kei Yagyu,  arXiv:1510.04028 [hep-ph]

- "Low-energy signals of strongly-coupled electroweak symmetry-breaking scenarios", Antonio Pich, Ignasi Rosell, Joaquin Santos, Juan Jose Sanz-Cillero, arXiv:1510.03114 [hep-ph]

- "Sensitivities of Prospective Future e+e- Colliders to Decoupled New Physics", John Ellis, Tevong You, arXiv:1510.04561 [hep-ph]

- It was proposed to have a further look in next meetings on the article

"Pushing Higgs Effective Theory to its Limits",  Johann Brehmer, Ayres Freitas, David Lopez-Val, Tilman Plehn,    arXiv:1510.03443 [hep-ph]

* 2nd part: Victor Martín-Lozano will briefly present his work

"Resonant Higgs boson pair production in the hhbb¯¯ WWbb¯¯+νν¯¯¯ decay channel", 

Víctor Martín Lozano, Jesús M. Moreno and Chan Beom Park,