CSIC is offering 300 fellowships for Introduction to Research JAE INTRO 2023

CSIC is offering 300 fellowships for Introduction to Research JAE INTRO 2023
  • For university students

There are 300 training fellowships announced for research stays at CSIC centers, 90 of which are in the area ‘Materia’, for seven consecutive months.

A call for the JAE INTRO 2023 Introduction to Research Fellowship program has been published by the CSIC. The program is aimed at students in the last year of a university degree or master's degree, with the aim of starting a scientific career and promoting an approach to knowledge of current scientific-technical problems and the methods used to solve them.

An average BSc mark of 8 or above is required, with 75% (standard degree) or 80% (double degree) of ECTS completed.

From April 15 to May 15, 2023, submissions will be accepted through the telematic application at: https://sede.csic.gob.es/intro2023.


The beneficiaries must choose the training plan and tutor once the scholarships have been awarded. The plans offered at Instituto de Física Teórica are:

- JAEINT23_EX_1117 “Retroacción cuántica en modelos cosmológicos via AdS/CFT”, responsable: Juan F. Pedraza 

- JAEINT23_EX_0249 “Probing ALP-sterile lepton couplings at experiments”, responsable: Luca Merlo 

- JAEINT23_EX_0121 “La complejidad del equilibrio y no-equilibrio cuánticos”, responsable: Álvaro Alhambra 

- JAEINT23_EX_0098 “El Swampland: Implicaciones de gravedad cuántica a bajas energías”, responsable: Fernando Marchesano 

More information can be found at https://sede.csic.gob.es/intro2023, including a list of FAQs. For further questions about the call, please write to jaeintro@csic.es. For questions regarding IFT, please contact jaeintro.ift@csic.es.


Monday, 15 de Mayo, 2023 - 23:59

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