The IFT, among the best research centers world-wide, according to Nature Index

The IFT, among the best research centers world-wide, according to Nature Index

The last release of the Nature Index, an indicator elaborated by the prestigious journal Nature, positions the IFT in the top-level group of research excellence. Its competitive evaluation according to this index ranks it amongst renowned international centers, such as the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, or the CERN Theory group and the DAMTP of Cambridge University.

The IFT stands out as the Spanish leading center in all research areas, and in the group of leading research centers world-wide in Theoretical Physics, according to the Nature Index results for the period of December 1st 2018 to November 30th 2019. 

Nature Index is an indicator of excellence in research providing information on the scientific production of research centers, institutions, regions or countries, according to the number of papers published in high-impact peer-reviewed international scientific journals. It is elaborated by the prestigious journal Nature, and it monitors the activity in over 8.000 research centers world-wide. Nature Index does not evaluation rates according to size  or global production, hence research institutions or whole universities compete with individual research centers. Even under these circumstances, the IFT has attained a Nature Index of 28,14.

This value ranks the IFT in 9th place in the `top 10’ of institutions in Spain, and as leader among individual research centers including all areas, since it is positions only below multi-center organizations: The Spanish Research Council (CSIC), leading organization at national level, the BIST, and six universities Univ. Autónoma de Madrid, Univ. de Barcelona, Univ. de Valencia, Univ. del País Vasco,  Univ. De Santiago de Compostela and Univ. Complutense. El IFT appears as the only individual research center in this top 10.

At European level, the Nature Index ranks the IFT at the 55th position of all European institutions in the area of Physics, again with most of these corresponding to whole multi-center organizations or universities. In an individual center comparison, the IFT in the lead group, with a ranking comparable to Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark (39,58), the CERN Theory group (34,27) and above reputed centers such as the Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of Cambridge University (27,41) or IPPP in Durham (28,05). 

At a world-wide level, the IFT maintains its position in the leading group in Theoretical Physics, with ranking competitive with Perimeter Institute in Canada (44,64), and over leading centers such as the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton (24,34), the Kavli IPMU in Japan (27,15) or KITP Santa Barbara (15,99).

This positioning of the IFT amongst international leading centers agrees with similar results in previous years, in particular comparable with those attained in 2017, consolidating the role of the IFT as leading center  in Spain in all areas, and at international level in the area of Physics.

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