The IFT Youtube channel reaches 500.000 subscribers

The IFT Youtube channel reaches 500.000 subscribers

The IFT YouTube channel  of scientific outreach videos in Spanish in the field of Physics has reached over 500.000 subscribers.  This positions the IFT among the leading scientific institutions carrying out outreach in Youtube world-wide, at a level comparable with channels in English by large institutions such as MIT News, the European Space Agency (ESA), and substantially above others such as Fermilab  or CERN.

The content of the channel is organized in several formats:

-  A series of 6 animation videos, made in collaboration with José Luis Crespo, youtuber of the channel Quantum Fracture, leading in scientific outreach in Spanish. Our most viewed video is "String theory in 7 minutes", with almost 4 million views.

- Weekly series of videos "IFT responde", in which IFT scientists explain in a few minutes concepts of their research field, in the form of answer to questions received from the public. Our most viewed video in this series is "The meaning of  E=mc^2", by Álvaro de Rújula, which has just reached over one million views.

- Conference series on Fundamental Physics, talks given at Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid during the Madrid Science Week each november. The most viewed video is "The end of spacetime",  vy José L. F. Barbón, with almost 800.000 views.

The IFT collaborates with the diverse cultural content creators in youtube, specially by organizing the annual event Cultube, in collaboration with Quantum Fracture, and in whose 2018  and 2019 editions gathered 10 of the top youtubers in cultural outreach in Spanish, not only in Science but also in other branches of knowledge. The event is live streamed with several thousands of viewers online, and the recorded vides of the event gather over 100.000 views on average.

The IFT YouTube channel also promotes several activities targeted to promote inclusiveness and gender balance in Science, specially in Physics. For instance, we have recently launched the #YoFisica Challenge  to normalized and make visible the role of women in Physics, in the framework of February 11th, the International Day of Girls and Women in Science.

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