Working group on M-theory

March 17, 2015 to March 25, 2015
11:00am to 2:00pm

Aula Gris 2

Theoretical Physics, general interest
Roberto Valandro
Trieste U.

Aula Gris 2


An introductory course on M-theory compactifications will be led by Roberto Valandro (Trieste U.),
who is visiting the IFT on March 2015.

Tentative program:

1) M-theory / 11d supergravity: strong coupling limit of type IIA, duality with type IIB on S^1.
2) Compactification to lower dimensions: KK-reduction of metric and 3-form, preserved supersymmetry.
3) Non-abelian gauge group (singularities) and chiral fermions (enhanced singularities): from M2-branes and from duality with type IIA.
4) M-theory on K3. Smooth and singular surface. Non abelian gauge theories. Duality with type II and Heterotic.
5) F-theory: brief introduction and duality with M-theory (F-theory limit). TAUB-Nut and F-theory
6) M-theory on K3 (and on K3 x K3) and F-theory dual.
7) M-theory on CY3 and F-theory dual (very brief) - intersecting branes.
8) M-theory on CY4 and F-theory dual - 4D compactifications with non-abelian gauge groups and chiral fermions (G-flux).
9) M-theory on G2-holonomy manifolds: Old and new results. Smooth and singular manifolds. Non-abelian gauge symmetries and chiral fermions.