Feb 21 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Javier Quilis Sancho Next-to-simplified dark matter models

Dark matter constitutes the 27% of the energy content of the universe. However, the nature of dark matter is still a mystery.

Ene 22 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Iñaki Lara Probing the electroweak sector of the μνSSM at the LHC

In this thesis we discuss the phenomenological aspects of a SUSY model, the so-called called μνSSM, at the LHC.

Ene 14 2019 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Franco D. Albareti Theoretical and observational aspects of the variation of fundamental constants of Nature

The fundamental constants of Nature play a crucial role in our understanding of the Universe.

Oct 16 2018 - De 12:15 hasta 13:15 Sergio González Low Energy Unimodular Gravity

The theory of Unimodular Gravity(UG) has been proposed as a possible way of relaxing the cosmological constant problem yielding the same classical predictions than General Relativity (GR).

Oct 16 2018 - De 11:00 hasta 12:00 David Gordo Phenomenological and formal aspects of scattering amplitudes in Quantum Chromodynamics

By studying Scattering Amplitudes we have explored several aspects in the theory for the strong interaction, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), ranging from the physics of particle colliders and its phe

Sep 18 2018 - De 11:30 hasta 13:30 Federico Carta Aspects of F-theory engineered quantum field theories

In this thesis we discuss three examples of quantum field theories engineered from the IIB superstring theory and F-Theory.

Sep 10 2018 - De 11:30 hasta 12:30 Francisco Torrentí Aspects of Preheating and Higgs Cosmology

In this thesis we study several aspects of the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of the Universe after

Jun 29 2018 - De 12:00 hasta 13:00 Iván Jesús Martínez Soler Neutrino oscillations in particle physics and astrophysics

Neutrinos are described in the Standard Model (SM) by three left-handed fermion
fields, one for each fermion generation. In the SM, the masses of the fermions arise as

Abr 17 2018 - De 11:30 hasta 13:00 Rocío del Rey Spin zero windows to new physics

This thesis pays special attention to fine-tunings of the SM, such as those characterising the strong CP problem and the electroweak hierarchy problem.

Abr 13 2018 - De 11:30 hasta 13:00 Sebastián Montes Gaussian Many-Body States: Tachyonic Quenches and Conformal Blocks

This thesis is divided into two independent parts:In Part I, we present a characterization of a bosonic field theory driven by a free (Gaussian) tachyonic Hamiltonian.