Speaker Event Type
Feb 18 2019 - 15:00 Missing energy signal at the LHC Ulrich Haisch I will review the past, the present and the prospects of mono-X searches at the LHC. Seminar
Feb 21 2019 - 15:00 Neutrino and Dark Matter connection from spontaneous lepton number violation Roberto Lineros The cosmic evolution of the Universe is largely affected by the presence of Dark Matter which is so dominant that it makes up to 80% of the Universe's matter content. Seminar
Feb 25 2019 - 11:00 Overview on Machine Learning Bryan Zaldivar This is the first lecture of an introductory course on Machine Learning, as part of the advanced PhD courses at the IFT. Seminar
Feb 28 2019 - 15:00 Learning from the machine: unsupervised tagging Jernej F. Kamenik

Mar 4 2019 - 15:00 Astronomical searches for primordial black holes Daniele Gaggero The birth of gravitational wave astronomy has been a major recent breakthrough in physics. Seminar
Mar 11 2019 - 15:00 Neutrino oscillations in the standard three-neutrino framework and beyond Mariam Tórtola In this seminar, I will summarize the current status of global neutrino oscillation analyses in the standard three-neutrino framework. Seminar
Mar 14 2019 - 15:00 Emergence and the Swampland Eran Palti The Swampland constraints are proposed consistency conditions onlow-energy effective theories coming from requiring the existence of a Seminar
Mar 18 2019 - 15:00 Natural Lepton Flavor Universality violation Mariano Quiros In theories where warped extra dimensions solve the Standard Model naturalness problem, accommodating the fermion mass spectrum automatically implies flavor universality violation mediated by Seminar