Sep 29 2022 - De 16:30 hasta 18:00 Zach Elgood The first law and Wald entropy formula of heterotic stringy black holes at first order in α'

Black-hole thermodynamics is probably one of the most active fields of research in The- oretical Physics.

Sep 29 2022 - De 10:30 hasta 12:30 Joan Quirant Pellín Aspects of type IIA AdS4 orientifold vacua

In this thesis we explore the vacua structure of type IIA orientifold (CY) compactifications with fluxes, both from the 4d and the 10d point of view.

Sep 16 2022 - De 10:30 hasta 12:30 José Calderón Infante Pushing the Limits of the Swampland Distance Conjecture

The goal of this thesis is to push the limits of the Swampland Distance Conjecture (SDC).

Sep 15 2022 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Martín Sasieta Holographic Complexity and Spacetime Locality

The work in this thesis provides a connection between the notion of holographic complexity in the form of the so-called Complexity = Volume proposal and the gravitational clumping of matter,

Sep 14 2022 - De 16:00 hasta 18:00 Llorenç Espinosa Portalés Quantum and thermodynamic windows into the universe


Sep 14 2022 - De 11:30 hasta 13:30 David Pereñíguez Classical and Stringy Properties of Black Holes

This thesis is devoted to the study of dynamical and thermodynamical properties of black holes. Part I considers black holes in the low energy effective actions of string theory.

Sep 12 2022 - De 11:30 hasta 13:30 Ángel Jesús Murcia Gil Physics and Geometry of Gravity at High Energies

In this thesis defense we study physical and geometric aspects of gravity at high energies.

Jun 20 2022 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Francesca María Scarcella Black Hole Phenomenology and Dark Matter Searches

In this thesis we discuss some possible inter-plays between dark matter searches and the physics of black holes.

Jun 17 2022 - De 11:00 hasta 11:45 Gabriel Larios Spectroscopy and truncations from holography and exceptional dualities

This thesis explores the relation between theories in different dimensions, focusing on the physics of string theory compactifications down to $D=4$.

Mayo 30 2022 - De 16:30 hasta 17:30 Ginevra Buratti Aspects of scalar dynamics and vacuum energy in the string swampland program

I will discuss properties of scalar dynamics and vacuum energy in the context of string theory compactifications, and investigate their connection with some swampland conjectures.