Dr. Raffaele Savelli is visiting us Dr. Raffaele Savelli from IPhT Cea Saclay is visiting the IFT for the period September 12th to 16th,2016. His office number is 401. His research interests include: String Theory, focusing in particular on string compactifications to four dimensions and on their low energy effective physics.
Dr. Aneesh Manohar is visiting us Dr. Aneesh Manohar from University of California, San Diego is visiting the IFT for the period July 5th to 15th, 2016. His office number is 214. His research interests include: Effective Field Theories, Higgs physics, QCD.
Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins is visiting us Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins from University of California, San Diego is visiting the IFT for the period July 6th to 15th, 2016. Her office number is 214. Her research interests include: symmetries in Quantum Field Theory, Higgs boson physics, Standard Model physics, neutrino physics and cosmology.
Dr. Stefano Scopel is visiting us Dr. Stefano Scopel from Sogang University is visiting the IFT for the period July 8th, 2016 to January 25th, 2017. His office number is 103. His research interests are: Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics and Physics Beyond the Standard Model.


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