SO(IFT) Distinguished Prof. Andrei Linde Prof. Andrei Linde from Stanford University is visiting the IFT for the period June 7th to 17th, 2015, as distinguished Severo Ochoa visiting professor.
Dr. María Eugenia Cabrera Dr. María Eugenia Cabrera from the University of São Paulo is visiting the IFT for the period May 20th to July 9th 2015.
Dr. Alessio Marrani Dr. Alessio Marrani from University of Padua is visiting the IFT for the period April 13th to 18th, 2015.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Pilar Hernández Dr. Pilar Hernández from Instituto de Física Corpuscular - IFIC is visiting the IFT for the period April 7th to 13th, 2015.


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